About Tipulog

What is Tipulog?

“Tipulog” is a state of the art cleverly designed, highly secure on line notes management application for therapy related fields.It is a solution able to accommodate practices and organizations of any size, setup for solo and multi-provider practices, and has features designed specifically to handle one or more providers in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, expressive therapy, allied health professions, alternative medicine, life coaching etc.We save you time with features like easy-to-use notes, scheduling, client records and activity tracking, billing management, reports and graphs.All you need is a web browser Tipulog provides easy access from anywhere, at anytime. Furthermore due to Tipulog being a web application, your computer requirements are minimal, ideal for saving expenses on maintaining a secure software application.

For whom is Tipulog suitable?

Tipulog is suitable for all types of health-related facilities (care centers, spas, schools and training institutions, associations and more), as well as various private practitioners in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, expressive therapy, allied health professions, alternative medicine, coaching, social work etc. By using Tipulog, these professionals will be able to provide more specialized and efficient health care for their clientele.

How does Tipulog maintain patients’ confidentiality ?

We at Tipulog understand the importance of maintaining a strict level of confidentiality regarding all patients’ personal information and treatment history. Being a market leader in information security, Tipulog uses advanced technologies for security and highly secured backup storage, giving you peace of mind to focus on what is most important: your clients.

How do you join? Free – Without obligation!

The registration process is short, simple and without any obligation.

It also doesn’t require entering any payment details. Private therapists can use Tipulog free for a whole month and health care organizations, care centers and medical institutions are welcome to a two-month free trial.

At the end of the free trial, you can choose whether to continue working with Tipulog. If you choose not to purchase the application, all data used and recorded with Tipulog can be printed or exported to another device.

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General Advantages of Tipulog

  • Manages activities required for patients’ care
  • Medical & Treatment history management
  • Efficient and comfortable documentation options
  • Personalized templates for documentation
  • Payment Management
  • Detailed patient files
  • Accessibility from any computer connected to the Internet, at any time
  • High security level
  • Modular customization for corporate processes
  • Large selection of reports and graphs
  • Computerized calendar
  • Full technical support